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Dr. Al's Lightswitch Challenge Dr. Al, Energy, Conservation Students to design light switch covers to help their families save energy. They select their best design to be sent to us for printing on special light switch plate material.
Energy and Conservation Activities Conservation
Journals Conservation Learn about the importance of journals.
Ten Tips (Temperature Thieves) Conservation Students learn how energy may be saved in many ways during our daily lives.
Activities and Tips Solar Challenge
Engineering Design Content Standards Solar Challenge
Lesson Plans Solar Challenge
High Season for Poison Oak Here's information to help you avoid exposure - or failing that, how to treat an outbreak.
Search on old site A method to look up information in the old website
A Week's Worth of Energy CARTT, Energy, Conservation Data collection activity to show students how their family uses energy.
Cookie Mining CARTT An activity to show how natural resources are unevenly distributed and how mining can affect the environment.
Electric Motor CARTT Students make their own electric motor.
Electrical Pathways CARTT Students learn how electricity is generated.
Electromagnets CARTT Students make their own electromagnet.
Galvanometer CARTT Students make their own galvanometer to detect electrical current.
H.T. Rae CARTT A simulation of a long space voyage. Shows that resources are limited and should be managed for the greatest benefit.
Inquiry Challenges CARTT, Conservation, Energy Activities that may be used to develop inquiry based lessons.
Sloping Water CARTT, Secondary By varying the slope of descent students will discover the difference in the energy to be extracted from falling water.
Solar Challenge CARTT, Solar Challenge, Solar Power Construction, modification and racing of a solar powered car.
Solar Collector CARTT, Solar Power To demonstrate the effect on temperature of running water through a flat-plate solar collector.
Solar Oven CARTT, Solar Power To show how the sun can be used to cook food.
Solar Power CARTT, Solar Power Students will connect solar cells in series and parallel, will measure volts and amps, and will calculate watts.
Solar Still CARTT, Solar Power Students will “distill” water from wet soil.
Splashing Water CARTT, Secondary To measure the effects of gravity on the splash diameter of a water drop.
Sundial CARTT, Solar Power Students will determine the time of day using the sun.