Dr.  Al's  Lightswitch  Challenge
Design a cover for a light switch to encourage people to turn off lights when leaving a room or when not needed.

There are two templates that can be downloaded for switch plates for one or two light switches. Choose the one that you want to design.

Teachers: Provide each student with blank templates you have copied from this site. Ask students to design light switch covers to help their families save energy. Students should then select their best design to be sent to us for printing on special light switch plate material. We will provide one single plate or one double switch plate cover to each student.

Suggested Media: water color, felt pens, crayons, computer generated, color pencils, etc. On the back of each template include: student name, teacher name, room number, school.

(Teachers: please place all designs in one large manila envelope and send to: Kathy Morgan/Instruction Department)

Please note that if you are printing these from Adobe Reader, you may need to check the setting for Actual Size (instead of Shrink to Fit).