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Chapter 2
Mistee Visits A Solar House

Mistee the Unicorn and George the Mountain Sheep trudged on and on. The mountains had been left far behind. Closer and closer they were coming to Antonius the Ant's home.

"Antonius! Antonius!" called George the Mountain Sheep. "Are you there, Antonius?" But the only answer was the rustle of the wind in the tall grass.

"I'll call. He'll hear me, ' said Mistee the Unicorn.
Mistee lowered her head until the golden horn struck a rock. Then she dinged her horn back and forth until a jingly tune rang out. "Antonius! Antonius! Can you hear us?
Mistee raised her golden horn and listened. Sure enough, there was an answering call.

"Helloooo. Hellooooo!" It was Antonius the Ant.

Antonius was sunning himself on a flat rock just outside his house. He was shiny black, head to toe. Even the sombrero shading his eyes was black as coal.