Mistee  Page  14
Chapter 3
Mistee Visits the Land of Geothermal

"How far to the Land of Geothermal?" asked Mistee the Unicorn. "I can hardly wait to see Miz Bear's home."

"Soon we'll be there," said Antonius, pulling down the brim of his sombrero to shade his eyes from the bright glare.

Then Mistee cried out. "Look! Look! Antonius! Steam is coming out of the ground. And it's melting the snow."

"Yes, this is the Land of Geothermal,"Antonius said. "Deep beneath the surface of the earth is a great source of energy. Hot water, hot rocks, and steam. Here in the Land of Geothermal the hot water and steam escapes through big cracks in the rock and makes pools of hot water."