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Chapter 4
Mistee Visits the Land of the Wind

Edee Eagle lives on a rock cliff in the Land of the Wind. When she stands in front of her house, she can see for miles far across the grassy plains.

But do you know what Edee likes best to do? Air-glide.

Edee can spread her great wings wide and soar through the sky, diving, rising, gliding on the warm air currents that rise over the flat plains.

One day as she was sailing high in the sky she couldn't believe her eyes. There, far below, was her good friend, Miz Bear, followed by George the Mountain Sheep, Mistee the Unicorn, and Antonius the Ant riding on the tip of Mistee's golden horn.

"Look! There's Edee Eagle," they called. "Come down and meet, we want to talk with you."