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Chapter 5
Mistee Meets a Famous Dam Builder

Edee Eagle led the way through the woods in search of Barney Beaver. And being very careful not to get lost, Mistee the Unicorn, George the Mountain Sheep, Antonius the Ant, and Miz Bear followed close behind.

"Ssssh, I think I hear water," Mistee whispered. She cupped a big wing over her ear. "We must be getting close to where Barney lives."

"Wait, let me listen," said Edee. "Oh yes, I hear gnawing noises, the sound of splashing water."

Barney was busy working on his dam.

"Wait, let me listen," said Mistee. She buried her golden horn deep into the ground and cocked an ear. "Yes, I hear gnawing noises and the sound of splashing water."

"Then we 're very close to Barney Beaver's home," said Edee. "He lives along the river."

Sure enough, as they rounded the next clump of trees, what a sight met their eyes. There was Barney Beaver using his big strong tail to shove a log into a dam of wood and mud.

"Barney, Barney" they called out.

"Hi," said Barney

"There you are. Barney , can you help us? Mistee the unicorn needs to know lots of ways to keep warm in the cold in Northland. She was so cold there she was having trouble getting warm again.

"Boy, I wouldn't want to live in the Northland. I hear it's been cold there for thousands of years. I must tell you all about how I use water to keep me warm," replied Barney.

The beaver stopped his work, climbed on top of his dam, and brushed the mud from his brown fur coat. "Build yourself a dam, Mistee. Then you can make electricity. But first you must have a river." With that announcement Barney splashed back into the water and began to shove more sticks and mud into his dam.