Mistee  Page  39
Chapter 7
Mistee Discovers Another Unicorn and CONSERVATION

George the Mountain Sheep was first to see the snowy mountain of the Northland.

The little group shivered as the air turned colder. Edee Eagle plumped out her feathers, and Miz Bear pulled her black fur coat a bit more snugly around her.

"Look, I see the mountains and the Northland," said George.

"Yes, yes, that's where I live," replied Mistee.

"I could tell that already by how cold it's getting, my goodness," said Edee the eagle.

But Antonius the Ant could only shake and shiver. His black jacket was much too thin to keep him warm. And the wide sombrero that shaded him from the sun only wanted to sail off in the breeze.

"Brrrr, I'm freezing, I'm so cold, I can hardly move," said Antonius.

"Come, Antonius," urged George the Mountain Sheep. "Slide off Mistee's golden horn and jump on my back. You'll soon get warm in my woolly coat."

Antonius rolled himself deep in George's wool coat. "Mmmm, this IS warm," he said. "If my nose weren't so cold, I'd think I was home in my solar house."