The  Life  Cycle  of  Butterflies  (STC)
Your students will experience the wonders of the animal life cycle as they observe the transformation of a tiny caterpillar to an adult butterfly. You'll see wonder and disbelief as students witness this dramatic example of the growth and change characteristic of living things. The Life Cycle of Butterflies, you'll help students develop skills in the following:

• Carefully observing details.
• Recording and communicating their observations.
• Understanding the needs of living things.

Students begin by studying the painted lady butterfly larva and learning its basic needs for air, water, food, and shelter. They watch and record their observations as the caterpillar crawls, eats food and eliminates waste, rests, hangs upside down, and sheds its skin. Their excitement grows as they see the caterpillar transform itself into a shining chrysalis.

Students have the opportunity to observe the emergence of the butterfly, which marks the beginning of the adult stage of the life cycle. While learning to care for the butterflies, students carefully observe and record their features and behavior, noting the differences and similarities between the different life cycle stages of the insect.

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