Plant  Growth  and  Development  (STC)
Children are fascinated by growth, particularly seed germination, but too often their excitement vanishes as soon as a seedling breaks the ground. The various hands-on activities found in the STC Plant Growth and Development unit will nurture students' enthusiasm as they examine in detail the complete life cycle of a plant.
Working with the Wisconsin Fast Plant materials, students begin by planting their seeds. Germination takes place within 24 hours, and within a few days students are ready to thin and transplant their seedlings. Lessons follow the growth of the plant and include the following activities:

• Investigating plant structure.
• Charting the growth spurt that occurs before flowering.
• Examining the bee/flower relationship using "bee-sticks" students have made.
• Recording seed yield after harvesting and threshing.

Throughout the unit, your students will make frequent observations of their plants using sensory information. In addition to drawing and writing their observations, students will also take frequent measurements and graph their results. By the end of this unit, you will have provided your students with a complete picture of germination, growth and development, pollination, and seed production.

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