Microworlds  (STC)
With Microworlds, you take students on a journey where many have never been before- to the land of the microscopic. Along the way, your students will become familiar with the use of various types of magnifiers and related equipment. Imagine students' fascination as they view onion skin cells under a microscope for the first time. Or their excitement when vinegar eels come into focus!
You present Microworlds in four logical phases as your students move progressively deeper into the microscopic world.

Phase 1: Students examine in detail several common objects such as pennies and fabrics.

Phase 2: You introduce students to the essential properties of magnifying lenses as they explore water drops, clear acrylic shapes, and hand lenses.

Phase 3: Students become familiar with their microscopes as they view various inanimate objects.

Phase 4: Students use their new abilities to view living specimens, beginning with onion skins and moving to more difficult subjects such as Volvox and vinegar eels.

Your students use all their new skills as they examine hay and grass infusions that they have prepared and set aside. Watch their enthusiasm as they observe and describe the wide variety of living specimens they encounter!

During the unit, students learn to handle a variety of apparatus such as droppers, slides, and coverslips. They also develop skills of detailed observation and precise recordkeeping in both words and drawings.

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