Electric  Circuits  (STC)
Young students are both fascinated and puzzled by electricity. Through the activities in the STC unit Electric Circuits, students answer many of their own questions about the properties and uses of electricity.
Lessons in Electric Circuits are organized into three major sections:

First, students focus on the basic properties of electricity. Then, they investigate how various materials are affected by electricity, and they identify conductors and insulators. They go on to explore series and parallel circuits, switches, and diodes.

As you move your class through each section, a variety of hands-on activities will make what can be a complex subject easy to understand. Watch the excitement as students do the following activities:

Learn how light bulbs work by making a working filament.
Diagram electric circuits using symbols to represent the various parts.
Trace the circuitry in a "hidden circuit box."
Design and construct a flashlight using a switch they've made.
The unit culminates with student teams designing, building, and wiring a cardboard box house. This final lesson gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned about circuits and switches and for you to assess their progress.

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