Magnets  and  Motors
Students are fascinated with magnets. Channel this curiosity with the Magnets and Motors unit. Using a series of hands-on experiments, students investigate the properties of magnets and the magnetic properties of electric currents. As the class progresses through the unit from magnetism to electricity to electromagnetism, students experience the historical development of our understanding of magnets.
Student activities include the following:

Observing and experimenting with magnets.
Making a compass.
Building electromagnets and designing and conducting experiments to test their strength.
Constructing and operating two types of rudimentary electric motors to illustrate one of the major applications of electromagnetism.
Disassembling, experimenting with, and rebuilding a commercial electric motor to see how its components correspond with those of the motors students constructed.
Producing electricity with an electric generator to light a bulb and turn a motor.
Through these activities, students increase their understanding of circuits and switches while also enhancing their problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

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