Conservation  Activities  (Secondary)
Secondary Activities: An introduction to the Watt-Rate meter, comparing different types of lightbulbs, and societal costs of electrical generation.

We hope the Watt-Rate Meter adds an important dimension to your study of energy and our use of energy.

The following lessons have been developed to help you get started. It is our desire that you develop and submit, to us, lessons that you have found important in your classroom. We will compile your efforts and add them to this list of lessons. We can think of no better source of Great Ideas than our great teachers!!

We also recognize that your days are extremely busy so we have outlined a possible seven-day schedule using the four lessons in this package. Again, you are the best judge of your students’ abilities and attention levels so you might devise a different schedule. We would like to see how you organize and conduct this study so we can pass it on to help other teachers.

The Watt-Rate Meter
Incandescent and Fluorescent
Societal Costs of Electrical Production
Incandescent vs Fluorescent