Salmon  Life  Cycle  Presentation
Two years ago we developed a brand new component to our annual salmon project. With the help of Al Hughes, Kathy Morgan developed and presented an hour presentation that discussed salmon life cycle and salmon anatomy. Students also were given salmon puzzles to complete and reinforce the salmon anatomy objective. Finally, students played a unique game where they would put corresponding salmon fins on a large laminated salmon. Students really enjoyed this program so much we decided to continue offering this presentation every school year.

Original email sent out to assess interest:
Hi All,

Salmon eggs will be arriving at the end of October and we're gearing up for their delivery as well as for our annual Salmon Watch Field Trips in November. More later about the field trips.

Kathy Morgan, salmon life cycle expert, has prepared a presentation geared towards elementary students. If you'd like her to visit your classroom for a 45-60 minute lesson, here's what you can expect:
1) In interesting PowerPoint presentation showing the salmon life cycle.
2) A fun hands-on salmon anatomy lesson where students will create their own salmon puzzle showing a salmon's external anatomy.

Kathy's available on a first email first served basis during the month of October. She will be available for either a morning or an afternoon presentation. If you feel this might enhance your salmon curriculum, do email Kathy to set up a day and time for her visit. Her email address is In your email request, please include one or two days that might work for you and let her know your preference for a time of day. Please be specific regarding a time of day.