Solar  Activities
Here are a few activities to help your class get a better idea how the sun can do work.

These sites will give you directions you might wish to modify to fit your class level and locality.

For your information!!! A quick look at these sites will give you information useful for dealing with questions from your class and to plan class involvement activities dealing with various energy sources.

Solar Energy International
     For Younger Kids
     For Older Kids

Energy Kids
     Primary Lessons
     What is energy?

Make a food dryer: (This is complex!!)
     Solar Food Dehydrator
     How to Build a Food Dryer

If you have a food dryer something like this you might want to bring it to class and dry some apples (many parents might have one to donate also).

Take a Solar tour:

There are lots of solar collectors around town. Some are water heaters and some are photovoltaic panels. By pointing out these panels, your child will begin to see how many people are using these devices.

Test colors:

Get 4 clear plastic bottles. (Finally a good use for all of those useless water bottles). Use some safe paint to color each bottle a different color. One should be clear and one black and the other colors a good contrast. Put the bottles in the sun for a few hours. If you have thermometer that will go into the bottles have your little scientists measure the temperatures. The black should be the hottest and the clear the coolest.