Conservation  Activities
Here are a few activities to help your students get a better idea how to help conserve energy.

These sites will give you directions you might wish to modify to fit your class level and locality.

For your information!!! A quick look at these sites will give you information useful for dealing with questions from your class and to plan class involvement activities dealing with various energy sources.

Design light switch covers
     Dr. Al's Lightswitch Challenge

Watt Watchers
     On patrol

Disclaimer: The video is from CBS. Links to other videos may appear on the same page that may not be appropriate for your students. The video should be shown to the whole class rather than sending students to the page unsupervised.

Around the world
     Cooking without fuel
     The Fireless Cooker

Conserving energy at home
     Energy tips

Fun games to test your knowledge of energy
     Online games