Art  Concept  Car
The Art Concept Car event continues this year. Each participating classroom may bring one entry and team in this category.

The Art Concept car should be:
A car with a fabulous appearance, or
A car with a great idea behind it, or
A car which students find inspirational for any reason.

The Art Concept car does not have to race but it does have to meet the following basic rules:
Size specifications: 30 cm wide x 60 cm long x 30 cm high
The car must include a solar panel
The Art Concept car must function as a car; it must be able to move, powered by a solar panel, over a flat surface a distance of 3 feet.

The top 3 winners in this category will be determined by a popular vote of all Solar Challenge participants. Solar Challenge participants will receive a voting ticket during registration which will allow them to cast one vote on the concept car of their choice. Voting will occur as the lunch line passes by the Art Concept car display. See the photos below for a couple examples of past art concept car entries.

Art Concept CarDOCPDF