Hill  Climb  Car
This year for the first time a Hill Climb event will be part of the Solar Challenge. Each participating classroom can bring one hill climb vehicle and team to the Solar Challenge. The 'Hill' used in this event will be a 10 foot long by 12 inch wide wooden plank covered with roofing paper and bounded by one-inch high rails (see photo below). The Hill Climb cars will not include a solar panel and will be only battery powered.

The Hill Climb will be conducted in 3 races, each on a hill of increasing steepness. Each vehicle that makes it to the very top of the ramp during the race will continue to the next race on a steeper hill. Race number one will be on a 37 degree slope (top of the ramp will be 6 feet off the ground). Race number two will be on a 44 degree slope (top of the ramp will be 7 feet off the ground). The final race will include all those vehicles that made it to the top of the first 2 hills. This race will be timed and the winners of the event will be the top 3 fastest finishers. The final race will be on a 53 degree slope (top of the ramp will be 8 feet off the ground).

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