Speed  Car
The Speed Car event of the Solar Challenge involves the largest number of cars and teams. Student teams from area middle schools are given a variety of materials to construct their cars from. The only requirements are as follows:
* All speed cars must have both a solar panel and battery pack wired to the motor (a wiring harness and switch will be provided for installation on those cars participating in the Solar Challenge).
* Participants must use the solar panel, battery pack and motor provided.
* Speed cars may not be larger than 30 cm wide by 60 cm long by 30 cm tall.
* The vehicle must be of the student's own design and manufacture from the current school year.

The race is conducted on a track made of black roofing material with lanes separated by white plastic pipe. The race format is double elimination, meaning every vehicle will at a minimum race twice before being eliminated.
Only two members of the race team will be allowed on the track during the race: one at the starting line and one at the finish line.
Teams must be in the staging area before their heat is scheduled to race.
Vehicles will start behind the starting gate and the switch will be turned on at the race officials request. The winner of the heat is the first vehicle to cross the finish line. Generally speaking, the top two finishers will advance to the next heat.