Waste  Reduction  Lesson  Plans
Real world waste-related math problems (short, ~3 min. YouTube films with downloadable worksheets) are described on our Got a Problem page.

Below are some of the STEM Engineering kits available. Email shepard_t@4j.lane.edu to schedule.
Recycle Sort Engineering Challenge (grades 7-12): Student teams use kit materials to design a recycle sorting line based on properties of items in the recycling bin. Download an outline of the project below.
Lift a Car Electromagnet Challenge (grades 4-6) Using only materials from the kit, students design an electromagnet strong enough to lift a matchbox car. Download the worksheet below.

Classroom lessons
Do You Know Where Your Garbage Is? An animated film (12:39) by Cornell University Waste Management Institute appropriate for K-8 audiences tells the story of all of the things that can happen to garbage, including recycling, composting, incinerating, and landfilling. Download a student worksheet and answer key below.
Enter a Poster Contest lists three Oregon K-12 poster making opportunities/ contacts to engage students in create expression of waste reduction messages. Download below.
Landfill in a Bottle links to a separate page of landfill activities aimed at various levels and learning outcomes.
Recycle it Right! is a team-based actibvity where students sort their box of items into categories to be recycled or thrown away. Includes links to on-line practice sites for elementary grades. Background resources for teachers included. Download below.
Re-Think: Waste as Art describes six art projects that use repurposed trash, designed by the folks at MECCA. Activities can be adapted to suit all ages. Download below.

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