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Name Subsection Description
Alternating current (AC) Water Power Electric current that reverses direction many times per second.
Cavitation Water Power Noise or vibration causing damage to the turbine blades as a results of bubbles that form in the water as it goes through the turbine which causes a loss in capacity, head loss, efficiency loss, and the cavity or bubble collapses when they pass into higher regions of pressure.
Direct current (DC) Water Power Electric current which flows in one direction.
Efficiency Water Power A percentage obtained by dividing the actual power or energy by the theoretical power or energy. It represents how well the hydropower plant converts the energy of the water into electrical energy.
Flow Water Power Volume of water, expressed as cubic feet or cubic meters per second, passing a point in a given amount of time.
Headwater Water Power The water level above the powerhouse.
Low Head Water Power Head of 66 feet or less.
Penstock Water Power A closed conduit or pipe for conducting water to the powerhouse.
Tailrace Water Power The channel that carries water away from a dam.

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