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Amazon Creek Dams + Flood Control A historical look at the Amazon Creek in west Eugene.
Dams on the Line Dams + Flood Control Proponents argue that breaching the dams would restore endangered wild salmon.....
Fern Ridge Dam Project Dams + Flood Control A Register Guard article about improvements made at the Fern Ridge Dam.
Murky Task Dams + Flood Control A Register Guard article about the December 1998 flooding on the Oregon coast.
Opening The Floodgates Dams + Flood Control A copy of a Register Guard article on local flooding problems.
Rivers Rise Dams + Flood Control A Register Guard article about the December 1998 flooding on the Oregon coast.
Ecosystems Ecosystems An explanation of ecosystems and biomes.
Ecosystems (6-8) Ecosystems Free lesson plans for grades 6-8
Endangered Ecosystems Ecosystems A look at 3 different ecosystems with endangered wildlife.
NatureWorks Ecosystems An explanation of ecosystems, parts and pieces.
All About Circuits Electric Circuits How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Electric Circuits Electric Circuits Explanations of circuits, current, conductors, resistance and power.
Ohm's Law Electric Circuits An analogy for Ohm's Law
Power in Electric Circuits Electric Circuits How to calculate power in circuits
Resistors Electric Circuits All about resistors
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Electric Circuits A Flash based explanation of circuits, conductors and switches. Includes information, activities, games, and quizzes.
Energy Kid's Page Energy Classroom projects, games, energy basics...
Get Energized Energy This site was designed to encourage you to explore energy production, consumption and use: new energy technologies, conservation, and energy challenges around the world.
Science Projects Energy Links to student projects involviing electtricity, solar, transportaion energy, wind, hydro-power, and saving energy.
Geothermal Energy in Iceland Geothermal A look at how Iceland utilizes geothermal energy.
Geothermal Heating Geothermal Video describing how geothermal energy can be used to heat our homes.
Geothermal Process Geothermal How geothermal energy works.
One Solution to the Energy Crisis - Geothermal Energy Geothermal A video looking at geothermal energy as a solution to the energy crisis.
Droplet and the Water Cycle Land + Water An online game. It also has a downloadable version for both Mac and PC.
The Water Cycle Land + Water Water on earth moves in a continuous cycle. This is called THE WATER CYCLE.
The Water Cycle Land + Water An explanation of the water cycle with printable activity sheets at the bottom of the page.
Water Cycle Animation Land + Water Water cycle animation and quiz.
Logging And Landslides Logging A Register Guard article about the controversy concerning clear-cutting steep slopes.
Logging and Landslides Linked Logging A Register Guard article listing several studies that show a link between logging and landslides.
AC Motors Magnets + Motors Examples of different AC motors
Beakman's Electric Motor Magnets + Motors (from the TV show called Beakman's World) Directions for making a very simple motor using only a battery, a magnet, magnet wire, a rubber band, and two paper clips.
How Maglev Trains Work Magnets + Motors In this article, you will learn how electromagnetic propulsion works, how three specific types of maglev trains work and where you can ride one of these trains.
Magnetic Levitation Magnets + Motors A short movie showing magnetic levitation of a globe.
The Physics of the Levitron Magnets + Motors How the Levitron works.
Fairgrounds Acts For Creek's Sake Pollution A Register Guard article about problems with pollution from the Fairgrounds.
Fertilizer & Toxic Waste Pollution A copy of a Register Guard article on the use of fertilizers and possible pollution problems.
Liquid Assets Pollution A copy of a Register Guard article on local pollution problems.
Glossopedia Salmon All about salmon... the species, what they eat, migration, etc.
Pictures of Salmon Salmon Click on a picture to enlarge the image.
Salmon Coloring Book (Primary) Salmon A coloring book produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Salmon Quizzes Salmon Test your knowledge of the salmon life cycle, testing the water, and keeping track of TUs.
Something Fishy Salmon An interactive website from Ireland that teaches younger children about fresh water, fish and salmon migration.
Splash & Salmon Curriculum Salmon A link to the city of Eugene's Stormwater Education site where you can download their curriculum for different grade levels.
Terms of Salmon Anadromy Salmon A glossary of salmon develpment terms.
Augmented Reality Solar Power Check this out ... first print out the pdf file. Launch the solar energy module and hold the printed image in front of your web camera when you get to the GE website.
How Solar Cells Work Solar Power Information about solar cells.
Saved By The Sun Solar Power Is it time to take solar energy seriously? Check out the classroom activity, ideas from teachers, and interactive for students.
Solar Power: How it Works Solar Power Introduction to this renewable resource.
Spain's PS10 Solar Tower Solar Power Information about this solar grid setup.
Eugene Stream Team Water + Watersheds The Eugene Stream Team is the volunteer component of the City's Stormwater Management Program. Volunteers work involves planting native plant species in wetlands, removing invasive plants, cleaning up litter and debris, constructing facilities such as viewing platforms, stenciling storm drains, monitoring pollution, making program presentations and providing office support.
McKenzie Watershed Council Water + Watersheds This page has information about the council, its role, watershed facts, ongoing projects, etc. It includes links to other agencies and has Student Water Quality Data collected by over 200 Lane County students. (You need a special plug-in to view the data.)
Oregon River Information Water + Watersheds The University of Oregon has a wonderful Web page with river level data (with graphs!) and other river information for Oregon. This is a fascinating page and would be a good resource for Middle and High School level classrooms.
Springfield School District WET - Well Projects Water + Watersheds Springfield School District Watershed and Energy projects serving the teachers and students of the Springfield Schools working in partnership with the Springfield Utility Board (SUB) and the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB).
How Hydropower Plants Work Water Power
Types of Hydropower Plants Water Power A look at the types of water power plants.
Water Power Water Power How it works.
Bogged Down Wetlands A copy of a Register Guard article on local wetlands
Crews Torch Wetlands Wetlands A Register Guard article about deliberate burning of non-native plants.
Replacement Remains Controversial Wetlands A copy of a Register Guard article on local attempts to reclaim wetlands.
Students craft wetland meadow Wetlands A copy of a Register Guard article about students creating their own wetland.
Wetlands Wetlands An overview of wetlands
Wetlands hug Amazon Creek again Wetlands A copy of a Register Guard article on local wetlands
Creating Energy From Ocean Waves Wind Power Since 1998, OSU has been developing a leading Wave Energy program to educate students who are motivated to responsibly develop our nation's renewable energy resources.
Exploring Windmill Design Wind Power In this video segment adapted from ZOOM, cast members design and construct a paper windmill capable of lifting a small load from the floor to tabletop height.
Micro Wind Turbines Wind Power
Wind Power Wind Power Try to light up all 5 light bulbs using a wind turbine.
Wind Power 2 Wind Power How wind power works.
Wind Turbine Animation Wind Power
Windmill Gallery Wind Power View or download images of windmills.

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