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Raising Salmon - From Egg to Fry

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*I would be interested in attending an after school 90 minute workshop explaining more about rearing salmon in the classroom: (Workshop to be scheduled between September 22 and October 22). * = Required field YesNo

At the workshop, we will be giving salmon-raising instruction booklets, curriculum guides and advice to those in need. In addition we will supply aquarium kits and insulation for FREE to any 4J school courtesy of EWEB energy and water related grants. (If you received a free kit last year, we expect you to use that kit.) The last hour of the workshop will involve putting together the equipment and cutting out insulation to make covers for your 10 gallon aquarium. We are coordinating delivery of eggs this year and will be working with Jeff Ziller of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, so even if you have told us before, or told Jeff, we need confirmation. Please note that delivery of the eggs is expected the last half of October, so your tank will need to be operational 2 weeks before that.

Old (Experienced) pros are welcome and encouraged to attend -- the sage advice and enthusiasm you can provide is invaluable.

Please pass this URL on to anyone else who might be interested.

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I have never raised salmon in the classroom so I will need all of the equipment. ($75 Value - By accepting these materials I commit to raising salmon in the classroom this year and will send my completed form to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) *We'll provide the form and will help with any questions you may have.

***Salmon rearing kits will be limited to the first 10 respondents.***

I have raised salmon in the classroom, however, I will need the following materials:

Chlorine Remover

Egg Development Samples


pH Down

pH Testing Kit

pH Up



Plastic tubing


Underground Filter (Complete)

Ammonia Test Kit

Filter Replacements

10 Gallon Tank

airstone (1 pair)



Two Plastic 2 L bottles to regulate temperature.

Comments or other Materials you've not included above:

I will need a copy of the excellent curriculum entitled:
The Fish Hatchery Next Door

Water Fact: The average five-minute shower consumes 25-50 gallons of water.