Science Kits
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Title Subsection Description
Changes (STC) SHOE, Kit-Physical Students develop their investigative skills to separate a mystery mixture.
Ecosystems SHOE, Kit-Life Your students see firsthand a portion of the intricate web of interrelationships that link plants, animals, and the physical world.
Electric Circuits (STC) SHOE, Kit-Physical Students gain an understanding of the basic properties and uses of electricity.
Land and Water SHOE, Kit-Earth Students model and explore the interactions between land and water.
Magnets and Motors SHOE, Kit-Physical Students' fascination with magnets turns into directed learning about magnetism and electromagnets.
Measuring Time SHOE, Kit-Earth Your students experience both the science and history of timekeeping technology.
Microworlds (STC) SHOE, Kit-Life Your students explore the land of the microscopic.
Motion and Design SHOE, Kit-Physical In Motion and Design, student teams create vehicles from K'NEX building pieces and use them to explore effects of force, friction, and wind resistance on distance and speed.
New Plants (FOSS) SHOE, Kit-Life Start the investigation of ways to propagate new plants
Organisms (STC) SHOE, Kit-Life Students gain a basic understanding about living things.
Pebbles, Sand, and Silt (FOSS) SHOE, Kit-Earth Students investigate a river rock mixture consisting of earth materials of different sizes.
Plant Growth and Development (STC) SHOE, Kit-Life Students examine in detail the complete life cycle of a plant.
Rocks and Minerals (STC) SHOE, Kit-Earth Provides an opportunity for students to explore their natural fascination with rocks.
Soils (STC) SHOE, Kit-Earth Students gain a variety of skills during this comprehensive unit on soil.
Solids and Liquids (STC) SHOE, Kit-Physical Students identify and explore the properties of a variety of solids and Liquids.
The Life Cycle of Butterflies (STC) SHOE, Kit-Life Students learn the concept of the animal life cycle through direct exploration.
Weather (STC) SHOE, Kit-Earth Students explore the various features of weather and how weather affects their lives.
Wood (FOSS) SHOE, Kit-Physical Students learn about the properties of wood and changes in wood while creating a wood sculpture.