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Water Pressure CARTT, Water Power The pressure pipe is a simulation of a dam. The crucial issue in water pressure is water column height, not water volume
What's a Watt? CARTT Explanation of how different electrical devices use more or less energy.
Wind Turbine CARTT, Wind Power Construct and manipulate a working wind turbine.
Amazon Creek Conservation A historical look at the Amazon Creek in west Eugene.
Conservation Activities Conservation
Historical Samples Conservation
Journal Starter Ideas Conservation
Journaling Tips Conservation
Technology in Journals Conservation
What is a Journal? Conservation
What is a Watershed? Conservation This document, produced by the McKenzie Watershed Council, gives a good explanation of a watershed. The file also contains a nice graphic of a watershed.
Energy Rangers Elementary
Biomass Activities Energy
Dam caretaker keeps spirits high Energy, Conservation A tribute to Lloyd Knox (the longtime caretaker at Leaburg Dam)
Geothermal Activities Geothermal
Capture, Store, and Release Salmon
How to Make a Fish Print Salmon The Japanese art form known as Gyotaku, meaning fish rubbing (gyo = fish, taku = rubbing), is an extension of the ancient Oriental technique of stone rubbings. Learn how to make your own.
Leaburg Hatchery Tour Salmon, Water Power Handouts and answer keys for field trip activities at Leaburg Dam & fish hatchery
Salmon In The Classroom Salmon A rural science education program to teach students about salmon and their life cycle. Not as complete as the Salmon Watch curriculum.
Salmon Watch Curriculum Salmon Access the ninth edition of the Salmon Watch curriculum by choosing from the links below.
Solar Activities Solar Power
The Pucker Effect Water & Watersheds An experiment to discover the source of water pollution.
Town Hall Water & Watersheds A research and discussion activity about wetland development.
Hydropower Activities Water Power
Building the Wind Turbine - A Step by Step Guide Wind Power