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Complete Solar Car kit. ONLY for teachers who are new to the program or are adding new classrooms. Please figure 1 kit per 4 students.
**Before adding new classrooms, call Tim. (5920)


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solar panel(s)

These cost $35 each, so please order only what you need.


Fancy Wheels (assorted colors)

Wheel With Gear


Includes one pinion and three wheel gears.

Assorted Colors


balsa wood sheet 1/8" thick

(4" X 12")

balsa wood sheet 1/4" thick

(4" X 12")

foam sheet 1/4" thick

(4" X 12")

Please note that balsa comes in 3' pieces that you will need to cut.


aluminum axles in 3' sections


5.5" steel axles


Use the comments field at the bottom of this order form if you would like custom cut axles.
Please indicate length and quantity.

Other Materials

battery holder

hill climb kit

nylon washers (package of 100)

(may be used for both solar and electric vehicles)

axle lubrication

plastic axle tubing

alligator clips with wires

(inches) Velcro (2" X 2" piece per vehicle) **Please indicate number of inches needed

glue gun

glue sticks


carpenter square

wire crimpers

razor knife

reamer (used for widening the wheel and gear holes)

Comments/Special Requests: